Apple Releases iOS 11.1 Beta 5, What’s New?

ios 11.1 beta 5

Apple releases iOS 11.1 Beta 5 to the developers with bug fixes and improvements.

Just now Apple released another iOS 11.1 beta to the developers. The changes log said it includes some bug fixes and improvements for the new iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. If you are one who is facing issues and serious bug on your device be patient. Wait for the public release or try to get iOS 11 Beta without the developer account.

First of All, In this update, Apple fixes the major WPA2 Wi-fi vulnerability security issues. Apple cares a lot about their users and customers so, it is important to add fixes to this WPA2 Wi-fi hack.

Secondly, Several new emoji’s are added up which includes new Zombie emoji, snail, snake, fish and more. Check out the screenshot below and make your self-smiley.

ios 11.1 beta 4

However, the third improvement which Apple has made is absolutely very helpful. No doubt, multitasking using 3D touch is a good and much faster way to access apps. Now, Apple has just added the 3D-Touch Multitasking back for iPhone.

Another major Reachability bug is fixed in this update. So, it means Apple is trying to reduce the number of bugs before the public release this time.

To be honest, I am using iOS 11.1 beta 5 on my personal iPhone 7. Battery improvements are in front of my eyes.

I know, battery timing is very poor than ever before in iOS 11.0.3 update. Many users are complaining about battery timing on their iPhone 6, iPhone SE especially. I hope and I am sure you guys will find iOS 11.1 Update useful and savage.

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