Apple Seeds iOS 11 Beta 6, Whats New? [Video]

ios 11 beta 6

Apple has recently seeded iOS 11 beta 6 to developers, check whats new with us.

Today, after one week of iOS 11 beta 5, Apple has just released the iOS 11 beta 6 to the developers around the world. Yes, if you have installed iOS 11 beta configuration profile, you can also test out this new iOS 11 beta 6 updates. Just go to Settings > General > Software Updates and look for the new update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple has fixed many issues and bugs from iOS 11 beta 5 in this new iOS 11 beta 6. From now, opening Apple Store will not stop or pause the music playing in other App. However, DirectTV crash has also fixed on this iOS 11 beta 6. On the other hand, a new crash is occurring to AudioBus 3 and so on.

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Likely, previous iOS 11 beta updates, Apple has just added two new icons and updated them for AppStore and Maps. Here is a screenshot below.

ios 11 beta 6

Finally, you can watch the video below for more results and changes in this iOS 11 beta 6 for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iOS 11 Beta 6 Released, Whats New By iDeviceHelp

This download is around about 250MB and will take 20 minutes of installation and download.

Bugs? Actually, every beta comes with some bugs and As you know this is not the final release but a iOS 11 beta 6 so it still has some bugs.

The part or section Display Accommodations has been updated with some changes.

We hope in the future Apple will add more features to the public iOS 11 beta release.

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