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Download and Install all the new AutoClashBotiOS tweak for Clash of Clans on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

I really surprised to see this awesome tweak which I am gonna share with you today. Here we are going to talk about the AutoClashBotiOS Cydia Tweak for all the Jailbroken device. If you are playing Clash of Clans on your device then you must have to try this bot tweak.

The wait is over for all the Clash of Clans fans. A new Cydia tweak will now work as your Clash of Clans assistant. All you need is to install this AutoClashBotiOS on your device. There is a good news for all the users that you can try this bot for free before paying.

Clash of Clans is becoming popular more day by day. That is why every user of this game looks for Clash of Clans bot or any way to hack this tweak.

This is not really a Clash of Clans hack for iOS, but an auto bot which comes with the following features.

AutoClashBotiOS Pro & Free Features:

Yeah, this is important and I know you are interested in this Bot tweak now. And if you are not, please check out the free features and as well as pro features.

Free Features of AutoClashBotiOS

Here is a free version AutoClashBotiOS to test the attacks and more on your iDevice.

  • 2 Side Attack.
  • Auto Train Troops.
  • Auto Find Dead Bases to Attack.

Pro Features of AutoClashBotiOS

Pro version AutoClashBotiOS includes the following features.

  • 4 Sided Attack.
  • Get More Loot.
  • Try Auto Collect Resources.
  • Collect Donations automatically.
  • Auto Requests.
  • More Auto Boost Barracks.
  • Adjust Troop Deployment Speed.
  • Adjust Hero Ability Delay.
  • Ignore Heroes Option.
  • Ignore Clan Castle Troop Option.

Is AutoClashBotiOS is Safe to Use?

I know in your mind it is wondering a good question. Let me answer you about Will my account get ban? At very first, i have already told you that this tweak is just a bot not any hack. You can use it without fear safely. Your account will remain normal.

I am telling this because I am using another bot on PC while playing Clash of Clans and my account never got any alert or ban notification.

So what are you waiting for? Check below how you can download and install this tweak on your device.

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How to Install AutoClashBotiOS on iPhone and iPad

Before make a start, please make sure that you have installed Clash of Clans on your device. Cydia must working properly on your Jailbroken device. When you are all done, follow the step by step guide next.

  1. At initial step, Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Secondly, Go to Sources Tab and prepare Cydia to add source.
  3. Now, Add to your Cydia sources.
  4. At this step, Install AutoClashBotiOS free to test on your device.
  5. Repsing your device and Enjoy Bot.

If you are installing it from the mentioned official sources two more tweak, AutoTouch and Curl will automatically install. Otherwise, search Cydia for these two tweaks because these are the requirements for the bot tweak for working.

How to Setup AutoClashBotiOS on Your Device

I hope you have successfully installed new Clash of Clans bot for iOS from Cydia. Now, you have to read how to setup AutoClashBotiOS for iOS without wasting time.

  1. Open Clash of Clans on your iPhone or iPad. On your main base hold the volume down button. A Script will appear on your screen. Now select the suitable script for your device.
  2. Set time to 0 and left the settings default. Or you can change the time to desire amount of attacks you want to attack other bases.
  3. Finally, you will see the last list for setting up troops on your device. You can configure the bot according to your need. Please read the features for more. If it is not easy for you and wants a video review please feel free to watch the video on How to use AutoClashBotiOS on your device.

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