How To Find Microsoft Exchange Server Name

how to find microsoft exchange server name

In this article, you will learn How to Find Microsoft Exchange Server Name Easily.

Exchange server is Microsoft based Technology that helps the industry to send and receive emails. The Best option of Exchange server is Industry can send emails by using their domain names, means if a company name is (ABC) they don’t need to use any public Email like Gmail, Yahoo etc. The company can send email’s to by using Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange Server is Hight level service, Small and Big level industries can use it. Basic need to use Microsoft Exchange server is Must use Microsoft based Server Operating System (Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016), Must Install Domain and DNS. After Installation of these basic Components industry can install Microsoft Exchange Server.

On Which Operating System you can install Microsoft Exchange server?

Windows 7 No
Windows 8 No
Windows 10 No
Windows Vista No
Windows XP No
Windows Server 2000 Yes
Windows Server 2003 Yes
Windows Server 2008 Yes
Windows Server 2008 R2 yes
Windows Server 2012 Yes
Windows Server 2012 R2 Yes


Microsoft Interduce Exchange server in March 1996 with a version of Exchange 4.0 and add more features day by day. The latest version of Microsoft Exchange server is Exchange 2016 and Microsoft Interduce in October 2015.

Here is a little History of Microsoft Exchange Server, as per the release.

1 Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0
2 Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0
3 Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
4 Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
5 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
5.1 New Features
5.2 More Editions
6 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
6.1 new Features
6.2 More Editions
7 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
7.1 new Features
7.2 More Editions
8 Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
8.1 new Features
9 Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
9.1 New Features
10 Office365

At Present, Technology extends day by day and now Microsoft has a cloud-based server that is Office365 and industry can use office365 as Email Server (Exchange server). Microsoft Add Multiple Features in Office365 and planning to extend. By using Office365 Industry is more secure then other Email Servers, Reason is Office365 is the Internet-based solution, we just have to plug the internet and can start using Email services by the web browser. We don’t need to install anything on our computer.

In Live Environment, Industry can face many issues like elector city, Place rent, loopbacks, downtime etc. By Using office365 we don’t need to have Big Servers and big server room, just a simple computer good internet industry can manage whole email environment and there is no downtime on office365 because its managed by Microsoft and Microsoft is responsible for it.

Let’s come to the topic, How to find Microsoft Exchange Server Name without further questions. I have explained all the steps for you in a very easy way. Now, it’s your turn to make it useful for yourself.

How to Find Microsoft Exchange Server Name

Follow the easy steps and you can solve your issue very easily.

  • Open Outlook and Navigate to Start > Program > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now, head over to Tools > Options.
  • Select Mail Tab present in Options and then click E-mail Accounts.
  • Head over to the Change Button located above Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • As a result, here you can find Microsoft Exchange Server Name easily.

Finally, you have found your Microsoft Exchange Server Name. Now, you can share this article with your friends and field related members.

Moreover, If you want to Get a good job in IT Industry then Microsoft Exchange server is a basic need for you. By getting Command on Exchange server, you can get hand Handsome salary in IT Industry. Microsoft Exchange server is the hot technology of the world and most of the job belongs to it In IT Industry.

Many thank’s to Sir Usman Lodhi, who is a proud person for me. He is my teacher and he is a Microsoft Certified Trainer in my City. You can contact him too if you still have any questions.

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