Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Bypass [Solved]


Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Bypass is available for iOS 11 Electra Jailbroken devices. In this article, you will learn how to bypass and play all the new game.

After XBox, and Sony Play Station, Epic game team now released Fortnite for iPhone and iPad. Now you can run this strategic/action game on your iOS Devices. Build a map and killing is the objective of this game. Anyhow, if you have already played this game then you better now than my words.

Sadly, all those iPhone users who are using Jailbreak on their device are not able to run this game on their device. The game stuck at the loading and you can’t enjoy this game.

Actually, Epic Games Team added up the Jailbreak detection. Some tweaks like iGameGuardian let the Jailbroken devices to cheat the game. If you have a Jailbroken device you can also get in-app purchases. So, to avoid this they have added some security.

Do not worry, today we have a Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Bypass available. Just bring some tweaks on your device and follow the tutorial given below.

[How To] Fortnite Jailbreak Detection Bypass:

So at the first, you need to have the following stuff on your device.

Let me share it very clearly, we do not have any bypass available for Jailbroken iPad. If you are looking for Fortnite Jailbreak Bypass for iPhone then this tutorial is for you.

  1. At the very first, Open Filza File Manager on your Device.
  2. Go to / root directory of your device.
  3. From here, copy the Bin folder.
  4. It is the important file for your system so you are going to make a backup of this file. Just paste the copied folder to /var directory.
  5. Now go to the original bin folder and delete all the files from the folder except df and ps files.
  6. Now Open Fornite on your iPhone and Enjoy.


Important Note: Whenever you want to run Cydia tweaks on your device you must have to restore the original bin folder with all files to its original location. Just Ensure that there should be specific files df and ps while playing this game.

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