G0blin Jailbreak for 64-bit Devices Running iOS 10.x

g0blin jailbreak ios 10 ipa download

Here is everything you need to know about G0blin Jailbreak for 64-bit devices running iOS 10.

Another day, another release. Now you can Jailbreak your older devices running iOS 10. Using G0blin, you can install tweaks and customize your device. Only a few devices are compatible with this Jailbreak. But, still, it is a very useful Jailbreak if you have a 64-bit device.

G0blin Jailbreak Supported Devices:

At the initial release, G0blin Jailbreak for iOS 10 supports all A7, A8 and A9 Devices.

Now, here comes to mind, How to Check you have A7, A8 or A9 device. Do not worry, we have a very small application available for this.

Just download CPU-Identifier for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the AppStore. So, you can easily check your device is compatible or not.

CPU Identifier
CPU Identifier
Developer: Shuo-Ping Wang
Price: Free

Right after checking the CPU on your device, begin the G0blin Jailbreak installation.

How to Download & Install G0blin Jailbreak IPA?

Here is a very simple and authentic way again. You can easily sideload G0blin Jailbreak IPA on your device using Cydia Impactor or XCode.

But, in this tutorial, we are going to use Cydia Impactor. You can also download and try Cydia Impactor for Windows, Mac & Linux PC. For all mentioned operating systems, the installation of G0blin IPA through Cydia Impactor is same.

Before proceeding next, please make a complete backup of your device using iTunes. Also, please turn off Find my iPhone from iCloud, if enabled.

Now, download following files we are going to use in this tutorial.

From here, we are going to Jailbreak your 64-bit device running iOS 10.

  • At the first step, Extract & Open Cydia Impactor on your PC.
  • Now using Lightning to USB Wire, connect your device with Cydia Impactor.
  • Hold & Drag the downloaded G0blin IPA file into Cydia Impactor.
  • Using your Apple ID and Password, let the installation comes to an end.
  • Within 2-3 minutes, you will find G0blin App on your iPhone.
  • Remove your device and sit back.

It’s not done here. Now, we need to verify and trust your signed application from Settings > General > Device Managment & Profiles > Trust & Verify your signed application.

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Your device is ready for exploitation. Go back to home screen and open Goblin Jailbreak on your device. Just Click JAILBREAK YO! and enjoy Cydia on your device.

g0blin jailbreak ios 10

I have tested this Jailbreak on my iPhone 6, running iOS 10. All the tweaks are working fine on my device. So, for you guy’s I will upload a list of G0blin Jailbreak Working Tweaks very soon.

UPDATE: All iOS 10.x G0blin Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks List 

Now, if you are interested in a Video Tutorial for this Jailbreak installation, please take a look here.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box. Also, like the Video and Subscribe iDeviceHelp for future videos.

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