How To Use iPhone X Gestures With Complete Guide

how to use iphone x

Here is a complete guide by Apple on “How to use iPhone X Gestures”.

Alright, the wait is over and we have all the new iPhone X available all over the world. So, iPhone X includes some new features like FaceID, Animoji’s, and much more like the gestures.

Really, if you are going to buy or if you have an iPhone X in your hand you need to learn about it.

So, no worries about all the new gestures, and much more.

You are going to learn everything about all the new iPhone X.

Apple has also released a tour guide video for its users. Actually, its all about love & peace.

You really need to check out the Video below.

How to Use iPhone X Gestures & More

However, inside the box, you can also find the tutorials and guide for this phone. But, I know most of the audience like to watch & see videos for learning purposes.

That’s why Apple has created this guide video for the very first time.

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