iGameGuardian iOS 11: Cheat Engine For Electra JB

igameguardian iOS 11

Here is everything you need to know about iGameGuardian iOS 11 Tweak for Electra Jailbroken devices.

Another Day, Another amazing Cydia Tweak. So finally, a very old tweak is here for Electra Jailbroken devices. One of the most popular tweak for Jailbroken to make changes in the games and enjoy the mod.

Using iGameGuardian iOS 11 tweak, you can now edit the money, change the current value to your need and much more.

However, there are a couple of tweaks are already available for Electra Jailbroken devices but this one is popular and most demanded one.

Moreover, there are different cheat engines available all the time. Mostly, XMod and GameGem are the options. But, if you are on iOS 11 and using Electra Jailbreak, you must check out the iGameGuardian iOS 11 Tweak.

How to Install iGameGuardian iOS 11 Tweak?

Yeah, this is a pretty much easy method for you. But make sure you are ready to pay to the developers. Please do not ask me for the free method. I recommend every user to pay to the developer because they are making it possible for us to run the tweak on our devices. So, buy the tweak by following the steps below and support them.

  1. At the very first, buy a license for your tweak.
  2. Go to https://igg-server.herokuapp.com and pay $3 to the developer.
  3. Now In Cydia, go to Sources Tab to add a repo.
  4. Add http://aquawu.github.io/igg/ to your Cydia Sources.
  5. Install iGameGuardian iOS 11 Tweak and Enjoy.

You can activate your license from settings of the tweak. Configurations are available for this app to make changes.

How to Run iGameGuardian iOS 11 Tweak?

This is important for you because Electra Jailbreak has its own Substrate. Saurik’s Cydia Substrate is not working with this Jailbreak. So, for this, you need to know something.

If you have already installed iGameGuardian on your iOS 11 Jailbroken device and it’s not working or crashing, here is a fix for you.

  1. Uninstall iGameGuardian from Cydia.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. Open Electra Jailbreak App and TURN OFF “Tweaks” option.
  4. Jailbreak your device.
  5. Install iGameGaurdian and Launch.

I hope this will fix any error or problem you are facing with your purchase. REMEMBER! this not gonna work unless you pay the developer.

I hope you enjoy this tweak on your iOS 11 Jailbroken device. For more iOS 11 Cydia Tweaks stay with us.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment box. Also, join iOS Environment for discussions and more,

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