G0blin Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks List iOS 10.x [Update]

g0blin jailbreak compatible tweaks

Check all the iOS 10 G0blin Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks list. Everything you need to know about G0blin Jailbreak.

Right after the release of G0blin Jailbreak for iOS 10, everyone is asking for the compatible tweak. For this, here is a google spreadsheet link using which you can check all the iOS 10 G0blin Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks.

400+ tweaks are present in this list. You can try iCleaner Pro, Appsync unified and every other known tweak on your iOS 10 Jailbroken device.

Before installing any tweak, it is recommended to check whether the tweak is working or not. So, you can save your time and your Jailbroken iOS version.

If you install any random tweak without checking the list, your device may face Springboard crash.

But, if you are already seeing a SpringBoard crash error on your device, fix is here.

How to Fix SpringBoard Crash Error on your Device.

Now, this error is normal and every non-compatible tweak cause this error. So, here is a simple solution for you.

  • Open Cydia on your Jailbroken device.
  • Go to Changes Tab, and then Installed Tab.
  • Now delete the recently installed tweak.
  • Respring your device.

Here you have fixed your error now. Next time, please take a look at the g0blin Jailbreak compatible tweak list and then install your desire tweak.

List of G0blin Jailbreak Compatible Tweaks [400+]

Thanks to the community who have tested and created this spreadsheet. You can also add and edit this list for future use. Be helpful to others and must add a tweak if it’s working for you. If the tweak is not present in the list, make sure to add the tweak to the list.

>>> https://goo.gl/dHnY8t

I hope you guys will find ut this list very useful. Do not forget to share and spread this list to others.

Also, still if you do not have a Jailbroken device check how to Jailbreak iOS 10 using G0blin IPA and Cydia Impactor.

I will update this article with more tweaks very soon. At the initial stage, we have only a complete spreadsheet available.

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