Top iPhone X Cases So Far Available Under $50


Are you the one who is getting iPhone X and replacing your old one? Check out the top iPhone X cases and protect your device.

So we are spending our $999 for the sake of iPhone X and that’s why everyone is curious about the iPhone X cases. For this, here are some best and top iPhone X cases you need to check and buy.

Top iPhone X Cases So Far:

  • Apple iPhone X Silicon Cases
  • Apple iPhone Leather Cases
  • Pad & Quil Leather and Wood Cases
  • Peel Super Thin Cases
  • Totallee Thin iPhone X Cases
  • Nomad Leather iPhone X Cases
  • Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone X

Finally, you can now buy or order any one of the iPhone X Cases under $50. You can also check the direct link to purchase the case. I hope you will like all the cases.

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

A very one sleek and fit designed iPhone X Silicone Case by Apple is really a good choice. It fits all over the side buttons and won’t keep you away from charging your device wirelessly.

You can select any color of your choice from the 9. I mean, it comes in nine different colors for $39. Available from November 3, 2017.

apple silicone iphone x cases

Try this Case at Apple Official Site.

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

No doubt, none of the Apple iPhone X cases is available to buy yet but you can add this case to your wish list.

All the Apple iPhone X Leather Cases are made up of European leather case. It also will not stop you from charging your phone wirelessly.

You can purchase this case for $49 when it will available on the Apple Site. You can choose any one of your favorite colors from the nine.

apple leather iphone x cases

Pad & Quill Leather and Wood iPhone X Cases

I really recommend you to choose this iPhone X Case because it is a premium one. I mean, you can choose this case for your new iPhone X if you are a businessman.

This case is made from American Top Baltic Birch Wood and all the wood option, the timber case, Walnut or Rosewood.

pad and quill iphone x cases

If you are willing to buy this Top Leather made iPhone X Case wait for the phone release. Sorry, this case is not available under $50 but for $99. However, this case has some different varieties available.

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Peel Super Thin iPhone X Cases

If you are looking for a case to fit on your iPhone X, and do not wanna feel it has a case then go for Peel Super thin Case for iPhone X.

This is a true Slim & Super Thin Case for your iPhone. Peel cases are the best compliment for your iPhone to buy.

peel iphone x cases

It will not disturb you to charge your device wirelessly. In addition to this, it is a very cheap case for you. Reviews by the customers are totally acceptable. Personally, I like such type of cases and going to buy one for my iPhone X.

You can purchase this case for $25 and ship to your door now.

Totallee Thin iPhone X Cases

The best part of this case is that it is only available for $19 and you can get this case within 24-hours of delivery time. It is durable and made of polypropylene.

totallee iphone x cases

It comes in two different varieties. So you can choose your own from the two followings.

You can purchase any one of the cases with 2 years warranty from Amazon directly.

Nomad Leather iPhone X Cases

To be honest, these cases are not so good in looks but made of pure materials. You can find Nomad Leather iPhone X Cases in four different styles.

  • The Clear Case
  • The Rugged
  • Wallet Case
  • Leather Folio
  • Clear Folio

nomad iphone x cases

You can buy this case from Nomad Website directly.

Mujjo Leather iPhone X Cases

If anyone of the above case is not your choice, then take a look at Mujjo Leather iPhone X Cases. You can buy this case for a real wallet in your pocket.

It also comes in the Olive green color and it is the new one than the other cases. Simply, it is also a very best one. It is designed sleekly for your new iPhone X.

mujjo leather wallet iPhone X cases

If you are interested to buy, this case then visits the Mujjo Official Site and get it for $49.

That’s all for today. I hope you will buy any one of the following cases for your iPhone X. However, these companies also provide such cases for iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Plus.

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