RocketBootStrap iOS 11: Support Many Tweaks [Release]

rocketbootstrap ios 11

Here is everything you need to know about RocketBootStrap iOS 11 Tweak Update.

Another day, another amazing update for iOS 11 Jailbroken devices. If you are using Electra Jailbreak on your device then you must have to check the new RocketBootStrap iOS 11 tweak. It’s important for you because this can support many different tweaks.

Rocketbootstrap is a tweak which removes the restriction in iOS to make a connection between different libraries. Just a tweak which supports library to allow tweaks to communicate with their services from sandboxed app process.

According to iPhoneDevWiki:

“One common way processes communicate with each other on iOS and OS X is through a messaging system called Mach ports. Each port is a channel that can either receive or send messages. There is a central registration system for these ports called bootstrap, where ports can be registered and accessed by a service name assigned to them. Recent versions of iOS restrict which names a process can access—MobileMail, MobileSafari, and App Store apps are only allowed to access a very specific set of services that come with iOS. RocketBootstrap adds a secondary lookup service that doesn’t restrict which processes can access which services.”

rocketbootstrap cydia tweak

Today, Ryan Petrich has updated this tweak for iOS 11 Support. But, at the initial stage, RocketBootStrap iOS 11 is just a beta for testing purposes.

How to Install RocketBootStrap iOS 11 Update?

As there is no Cydia for Electra Jailbroken devices right now, so you can’t install it right now. However, Electra RC1 is available for developers only. But, I do not recommend any user to install any fake copy of Electra RC1.

In case, you want to give it a try, download RocketBootStrap.deb file and install it on your device for free.

When the Cydia will available you can easily find and install the new RocketBootStrap iOS 11 Update on your Jailbroken device. No need to use PC. Just Open Cydia and refresh changes. Search for the tweak and install it. That’s all.

Moreover, this package is officially updated on BigBoss Repo.

If you want more updates, stay with us.

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