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iPhone 8 – All You Need To Know Right Now

iphone 8 colors

Take a look at the Top iPhone 8 Leak and Rumors you need to know.

Apple is going to release “all the new” iPhone 8 this year like the previous years. According to some reports, in 2017 Apple is planning to release three new iPhone in September. In addition to the previous release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is planning for iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus this year.

But, iPhone 8 is the major and main focus by Apple Company. Before its release, A lot of iPhone 8 leak and rumors are blooming on the internet. Everyone is not sure which features are coming to the next iPhone 8. However, it is mentioned that the iPhone 8 RAM will remain same to that of iPhone 7 Plus. Yes, iPhone 8 will have 3GB RAM.

Right now, you may have seen iPhone 8 leak and rumor which have some new schematic design and shape leak.

iphone 8 leak and rumors

Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy S8? Here I am relating this phone because iPhone 8 may also have Facial Recognization. If Apple is going to add more improved Iris technology then please share your thoughts about all these two features.

As I have mentioned, three new iPhone is coming this fall. According to the leaks very few major parts of iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are like below.

iPhone 8 leak and rumors

It is one of the iPhone 8 leak Photo showings the new iPhone 8 display and front panel. We don’t have any iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus leak idea yet. All over the world iPhone 8 is the main focus.

This morning, I was thinking if Apple is going to release 3 iPhone in 2017, what will be the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s? Another question also arose in my mind and let me share it with the audience too, may you have this question in your mind too. Which Phone gonna people buy in 2017? iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s? Becuase of new iPhone 8 leak yet, iPhone 8 will worth to buy.

iPhone 8 Rear Touch ID, TRUE?

iphone 8 leak and rumors

A few days ago, some Chinese people leaked out some photos. I have mentioned of the photo showing iPhone 8 Rear Touch ID. Including Myself, Everyone just hates this rear touch ID.

So, a good news for all iPhone 8 awaiting users. It is confirmed that Apple is not going to add rear Touch ID to the iPhone 8.

Major iPhone 8 Leak and Rumors Yet

Right now, I am happy with the coming iPhone 8. The reason is the following Specifications and Improvements which are listed below.

iPhone 8 leak and rumors

1- iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

Yes, it is true. One of the most awaited features, Wireless Charging is now coming to all the new iPhone 8. Now it is easy for all the iPhone users to charge their iDevice without any effort.

2- Water Proof or Water Resistant?

This is not a question anymore. Definitely, iPhone 8 is waterproof. It is reported that iPhone 8 inside include some more improved technology and chips. You may have seen iPhone 7 and 7 Plus water test, in which these two devices can bear deep water test. So obviously, Apple is going to make iPhone 8 waterproof now.

3- Improved 3D Sensing Technology

From the release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Apple is trying to make 3D sensing technology more powerful. Now it is the time to add new redesigned and improved 3D sensing technology to the iPhone 8.

4- Rear Camera in Vertical Position

Apple just added the dual camera to make more zoom using iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It is important for a company to make some changes to the new device. As a result, it is a rumor that now the dual camera is coming in Vertical position.

5- New Glass at Rear Side

iphone 8 leak new glass

Take a look at iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s rear glass. If you remember the rear glass design then you are going to love this new iPhone 8 leak. I myself just loving this iPhone 8 new glass at the rear side.

Moreover, we do not have to forget the colors available for the upcoming iPhone 8. Top reports say that Apple is planning to release and add the Copper Gold/Brown color to the new series. Here is a look with the predefined color.

iPhone 8 Pricing, Release Date & More

Everyone is asking When iPhone 8 is coming out and it shows audience interest. The hottest leak says that in September 2017 iPhone 8 is coming.

According to the reports, iPhone will start from $999 for 64GB Memory. However, Apple and At&t and other carriers are planning for installments, as usual, they are providing in Canada and USA.

Right now, there is no actual rumor about the upcoming iPhone 7s or iPhone Edition. So, do not worry about that because Apple gonna release the first ever bezel less iPhone.

So this is all about today. We will update this article if we get any more authentic iPhone 8 leak and rumor. Visit us again for more exciting tips and featured articles.

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