TouchBar Tweak – A New Utility Bar for iPhone

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TouchBar is a new Cydia, released for iOS 9 & 10 Jailbroken devices by LaughingQuoll. Many thanks to the developer of this tweak who has made such useful tweak for iPhone.

All the gorgeous tweak TouchBar is inspired by the new Touch-Bar on the new Macbook Pro. This is a must tweak to install on your device if you have a Jailbroken device.

TouchBar brings the macOS style, TouchBar found on the MacBook Pro. It is adapted for iOS and it provides a function bar at the bottom of the screen of yours iPhone. By default, the Home bar is displayed. It includes a back button, home button in the center and multitasking button at the right.

More about TouchBar Cydia Tweak:

If you swipe from right to left you will find shortcuts for Brightness control, Volume Control, Ringer Switch and Siri. On swiping from left to right you will see media controls.

You can install this tweak for $2.00 on your device. Please do not use the pirated version from any third party repo because it is not a safe way to use any tweak. By default, touch is enabled for HomeScreen, Lockscreen, and application. So in order to customize the settings, TouchBar can be modified via the preferences page, found in Settings as:

  • Disable the tweak in specific games and apps
  • Set the default page for Touchbar
  • Enable Transparent buttons
  • Choose where to show Touchbar
  • Adjust the size of Touchbar
  • More

    Once you have made changes on your device and setup Touchbar settings do not forget to Respring your device to make changes.

    The drawback of TouchBar is that it is currently not compatible with Harbour and Cercube. These tweaks cause a respring loop yet. We hope in future the developer of the tweak will support tweak with these two tweaks too. So keep visiting us for the future update of this tweak.

TouchBar Tweak Image Gallery:

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