Whats New in iOS 11.3 [Complete Preview]

ios 11.3 features, release date

Here is everything you need to know about iOS 11.3 Changes Log and More.

Well, a very major update is coming this spring for all iPhone 6 and earlier devices. You may have noticed the ugly performance of previous iOS 11 versions on your device. But, Apple accepted that they slow down the devices to make the performance well on your older iPhone. Finally, something good is here for those, facing battery issues on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.

Apple has already shown the iOS 11.3 preview which includes the Major updates to  ARKit, Messages, Animoji’s and Battery Fixes.

iOS 11.3 Features You Need to Know

In here, you will find very new features and improvements made by Apple in iOS 11.3 for iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus and older 64-bit devices.

iOS 11.3

New ARKit Improvements

Apple announced iOS 11 with Argument Reality Feature and today, we have ARKit 1.5 available for developers. Now you can create Argument Reality based apps and test them easily. If you are a developer then you must have to test out this feature. Moreover, the real world through the camera has now 50% greater and better results at the end.

argument reality ios 11.3

However, in iOS 11.3 ARKit can now guess and place the virtual objects like doors, walls, circular tables and etc. So, it’s a major update for every iOS developer who is looking for Argument reality based apps. Now, download ARKit 1.5 and develop the best apps you can.

New Animoji & Message Improvements

All the iPhone X users can enjoy some more Animoji on your device. There are 16 new characters to use with animoji which includes Dragon, Skull, Bear and etc. So, it’s more fun for you guy’s now.

ios 11.3 new animojis

Moreover, after a long wait, Messages are back to iCloud merging. Finally, you can use the iOS 11.3 to manage and merge your one device messages on the other device. It’s a very helpful and most awaited feature.

ios 11.3 messages

This is not over. If you are a Business Mind Person, you can enjoy the new Business Chat Feature on your device. Business Chat lets users communicate directly with businesses like Lowe’s right within the Messages app.

Battery & CPU Performance Enhancement

iOS 11.3 includes a new feature to show the battery health of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Also, it recommends if your device battery needs replacement. You can easily find the message and battery health status under Settings > Battery directory. If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier then your device is eligible for this feature.

ios 11.3 battery performance

Addition to this, users can also manage the battery performance on iPhone. AH! Using this feature, you can maximize the battery usage on your device. So, iOS 11.3 includes this one as a major feature.

However, in iOS 10.2.1 Apple introduces the unexpected shutdowns to maintain your device health in too cold and hot temperature. Now, you can disable this feature on your iPhone Phone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Health App Improvements

No doubt, Apple’s Health App is best. All over the world, Health App has positive reviews available. So, here we have a new feature in Health Application for your iPhone and iPad running iOS 11.3 update. All the hospitals, clinics and reports you need to manage are now available directly on your device. As per user’s privacy policy, all the reports are passcode encrypted.

ios 11.3 health app update

Additional iOS 11.3 Features

  • Apple Music is now the home of music videos. You can stream your favorite singer, artist, and all the music according to your interest at one place without Ads.
  • Apple News now fetch the top stories you need to know. Improvement in News App brings the most important videos at the top in a group for you.
  • HomeKit have new authentication to add existing HomeKit accessories while protecting privacy and security.
  • Support to Advanced Mobile Location Service enables when an emergency call is made. But, make sure your country has AML service available.

As I said, iOS 11.3 is the major update and a must for every iPhone user now.

iOS 11.3 Release Date & Beta Installation

At the initial stage, you can download iOS 11.3 without developer account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There is no need to link your phone to a PC or else. Just enjoy the Apple Developer’s Beta profile installation on your device.

Apple is going to release iOS 11.3 in the Spring with all these features mentioned above.

That’s all for today. Stay with us for more on iOS 11.3 & iPhone.

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