20+ New Features in iOS 11 Beta 4 [Video]

iOS 11 Beta 4 new features and changes

Here are all the 20+ New features in iOS 11 Beta 4 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Another day, another big release. Apple released another iOS 11 beta 4 to the developers with some new changes. Now you can check whats new in iOS 11 Beta 4 with us. All the newly added features are listed below.

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Apple seeded all these features in the new iOS 11 beta 4 to the developer’s account. Everyone can enjoy iOS 11 Beta 4 if they have already installed iOS 11 Without Developer Account on their device.

Whats New in iOS 11 Beta 4 [List]

Here are some changes updated in iOS 11 Beta stage. Following features have been added to iOS 11 Beta 4. Check them all, and must give it a try.

1- Updated Splash Screen for Notes App:

Apple has just redesigned the Notes App in iOS 11 Beta 4. The new screen will appear on your phone when you will open Notes app on your device running iOS 11 beta.

2- Modified Notes App icon:

Yes, Apple has just changed and updated the Notes App icon for all the new and upcoming iOS 11 Final Release.

3- Redesigned Splash Screen for Photos App:

Like that of Notes App changes, Apple has added the new screen for Photos App. You will feel the difference when you will open the Photos App.

4- Updated Reminder App icon:

In the iOS 11 Beta 4, Apple has just slightly changed the Reminders App icon. So, from iOS 11 you will feel more changes.

5- New Contacts App icon:

Contacts App icon has now updated in this release. The whole icon now looks different from the previous one.

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6- Update Safari Browser App icon:

Yup, Apple has slightly modified the Safari Browser App icon. You can watch the video below for a look.

7- Better and Bolder Wifi Signals icon:

All the new beta includes the new modified status bar wifi signals icon. These are much bolder now.

8- Now Search Maps, AppStore, and Web using the Spotlight:

Yes, this is one of the most awaited features. I was looking for this from a very long time. I really appreciate that now Spotlight will let you search AppStore, Web, and Maps.

9- New Timer icon in ControlCenter:

New Time icon has been added to the new beta 4. Watch the video below to see this change.

10- Updated and New Screen Recording Animation in Control Center:

While using iOS 11 built-in Screen Recorder now there will be a new animation in Control Center.

For more new features, please watch the video below. I am very thankful to 9to5mac for creating this video in a short time.

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Using iOS 11 Beta 4 already? Or just going to install it? please share your reviews in the comment box below. Let other people know about the changes and your experience with this new beta 4.

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We hope like all these changes, Apple will release iOS 11 Beta 5 with some more cool changes.

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