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New 9.7 Inch iPad 2018 Specifications and Price


Here is everything you need to know about Apple New iPad 2018.

Anything you can do, you can do it better now. Like a computer, unlike a computer. So, In the recent Apple Educational Event, Tim Cook announced the new iPad which is more efficient and more helpful for consumers. Before this release, Apple released the iPad Pro family, which includes Split screen, A11 Chip and much more with pencil support.

In the event, Tim Cook said we have released Pencil for ease of access. Before this release, it helps professionals and designers. Now we are releasing a new iPad at an affordable price with heavy specifications.

Apple announced iWork application as a suitable office app which let you control your files in the same way like Microsoft office but in an efficient way. They are just adding iWork application to the iPad.

ipad pro 2018


Moreover, Apple also announced some big features which will help programmers and web designers to work using iPad. Likely, Apple is also focusing on education. So, they are bringing every tool to the little computer.

Apple is going to release iOS 11.4 specially made for the new 9.7 inch iPad 2018. Hopefully, they will add many features without bugs.

9.7 Inch iPad 2018 Specifications, Features and Price:

At the first, I would like to focus on the specifications. It is important to compare the device with the previous release. So, the new iPad 2018 has a retina display which provides a great display to every user. There are millions of colors available in each and every single unit of display. While using the pencil over the screen, you can feel the smoothness.

Truetone display provides more comfort to your eyes. Like iPad Pro, Apple has added this feature to the new release and it’s really great.

Secondly, they have added the A10 Powerful chip which was made for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Still, A10 is bionic chip is the powerful chip all over the world. And A10 chip is the processing chip which has good competitors.

WHY 9.7 INCH DISPLAY? Yes, that’s a good question and Tim Cook while addressing said, we have made this display it is the most popular size all over the world and demand of consumers.

TouchID is still here. Well, a good decision by Apple not to remove the TouchID from this iPad.

Don’t forget to ask about the headphone jack. Finally, we still have the 3.5mm headphone jack available new iPad.

new 9.7 inch ipad 2018 specs

Moreover, all the sensors are improved and enhanced in this new release. Finishing of this iPad is so real and it’s easy to handle. There are over 200,000 education apps are now available for iPad. You can bring them from iBooks, and AppStore to your device.

iPad 2018 Features For You:

Now, let me share some the new 9.7 inch iPad 2018 features. The very first feature which is also present in the new iPad is Split Screen View. This feature let you manage two different applications at the same time. To me, it is a very useful feature while learning and doing a practice at the same time.

ipad 2018 split screen

Addition to this feature, Apple is also focusing on Argument Reality. So, to increase the user for AR Technology they have added this to the new iPad. Does not matter where are you. You can still learn, examine or wanna do. Knowledge is everywhere and every time. You can do a lot with AR technology, just try it.

Also, now you can do more using Apple Pencil. Art, Sketch, Made, or design whatever you want. Using the new applications over the AppStore you can do more in an efficient way. Just bring the Apple Pencil with an iPad to add more spice.

ipad 2018 with apple pencil support

A lot of features are still here. Like, you can connect a keyboard to your iPad to use it like a laptop. For me, I will use the keyboard and iPad to write an article for my blog, just an example.

Price and Availability:

Now, before ending this article, let me share the price with you. However, at the end please check my opinion.

  • 9.7- Inch iPad 2018 is starting at $329. You can get a 32 GB Wi-Fi Model for $329 and the Wi-Fi + Cellular 32 GB Model is available for $459 at apple.com or store.
  • Schools can buy afford this iPad for $299. So children can learn more and get beneficent more.
  • Moreover, you can buy Apple Pencil for $99 as a separate purchase. Schools can get this pencil for $89.
  • Smart cover is now available in three different colors for $39 at the Apple Store and Official site.

Adding a little more information to this article about Colors. You can get this iPad in Silver, Spacegrey, and Gold finishing color. Purchase the color of your own choice and enjoy the fastest Fusion chip performance for cheap.

9.7 inch ipad 2018 colors

Here is a little review about this iPad from Apple Official Youtube Channel.

Should You Buy This or Not?

Before ending this topic, I would like to share my opinions on this iPad. In 2017, Apple released the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support and A10X chip. However, the display was also retina. But size varies and the price was almost $550 which is quite expensive. Now, in 2018 Apple has again released a powerful product for the consumers which is quite affordable. So, finally from my side, it is YES! and you should buy this iPad.

However, your opinions may also vary. Let me know in the comment box, what you think about this release.

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9.7 Inch iPad 2018
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