AntiRevoke Stop Signed Applications Revoke on iOS 11


Check AntiRevoke to stop signed applications revoke on iOS 11, 10 and 9.

Another day, another amazing service for Non-Jailbroken iOS devices. Today, team AppDB has just released an AntiRevoke profile for signed applications. No more headache with 7 days certificate, if you are using AntiRevoke profile for ++ tweaked IPA installation through Cydia Impactor.

So the wait is over because now you can use your signed application for a long time. All you have to install AntiRevoke profile on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

No doubt, it is a headache for signing applications through Cydia Impactor. Because Apple only allows 7 days signing app policy if we are using free Apple ID. But, if we have a developer account we can use our application for a year.

With AntiRevoke, there is no need to use a developer account because your signed applications will never get revoked again.

How AntiRevoke Works With Signed Applications

Just in short for better understandings, I am taking an example for you.

For example, you have installed Whatsapp++ Without Jailbreak through Cydia Impactor or TweakBox and whatever. After 7 days, your app will expire and you have to install your app again.

But if you have installed this certificate on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch your apps will never expire. You can enjoy your applications for a very long time.

However, it also works with TutuApp VIP, Tweakbox App, and other third party applications which allows installation of ++ tweaks and apps without Jailbreak.

How to Install AntiRevoke Profile on your iOS Device

It’s that easy and simple to install for free. Simply, follow the given below steps and you will enjoy this profile or certificate.

  1. At the very first, open Safari browser on your device.
  2. Go to on your iOS device.
  3. Just hit the Install Profile button on your screen.
  4. After a redirect, Again hit the Install button, on the top-right corner.
  5. Tap Next and Install button again, Done.

Finally, as a result just go to that website again and refresh the link. At this time, you will find Anti Revoke status as Enabled. That means your applications will never expire again.

Now you can enjoy your signed applications for a year or more until you uninstall this profile.

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