AppValley – Get ++ Tweaks Without Ads on iOS 10


Here is all you need to know about AppValley iOS for Free ++ Apps and Tweaks Without Jailbreak.

AppValley is a new third party store app for iOS 10 and even iOS 11 Non-Jailbroken devices. Now you can download and install free Apps and ++ Tweaks without Jailbreak. However, it is the alternative to TutuApp VIP and TweakBox App.

Let’s talk in short about AppValley and TutuApp Comparison. The best thing from App Valley is that it is free. However, TutuApp also comes in the free version but the free version contains ads. On the other hand, AppValley VIP comes in only one version, it is free and it is without ads.

So what are you waiting for? Must give it a try as it is free and best for those who wanna try ++ tweaks.

No Jailbreak is required, NO PC Requires. It is much reliable and fast than others.

Here is a short list of ++ Apps from AppValley. All these apps are available in the AppValley for iOS 10 and 11.

  • Snapchat++
  • Twitter++
  • Facebook++
  • WhatsApp++
  • PokeGo++
  • EveryCord (iRec Screen Recorder)
  • Instagram++
  • Deezer++
  • Spotify++
  • 8 Ball Pool ++
  • Happy Chick Emulator
  • SoundCloud++
  • More

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All these are waiting for you. Get AppValley for iOS 10 & 11 Without Jailbreak and enjoy all the ++ Tweaks and Apps for free.

How to Install AppValley for iOS 10 & 11 Without Jailbreak

In order to install this useful app on your device, I will let you know that we are not going to use that shitty Cydia Impactor. Yes, again, We will never use Cydia Impactor to sign ++ applications without Jailbreak. Even, without ads, we are going to enjoy all the best-tweaked apps ever.

  1. At the first, Open Safari Browser and proceed to Http:// on your iPhone.
  2. Secondly, just click on the Install App Button to begin the installation.
    AppValley iOS
  3. Now you will see a pop-up on your device. Just hit the Install button again and wait for the download process.
    AppValley iOS
    AppValley iOS
  4. I know you will try to open the app. But, you will find Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error. Don’t worry, we are going to fix it.
    AppValley iOS
  5. Open Settings on your device and go to General Tab.
    AppValley iOS
  6. Next, Go to Profiles and Device Managment on your screen.
    AppValley iOS
  7. Just select the AppValley Profile and Hit the Trust Button inside.
    AppValley iOS
  8. Again, hit the Trust button when appears. It looks like this.
    AppValley iOS
  9. Go back to HomeScreen and Open AppValley.
  10. Congratulations! Now you can install ++ Tweaked Apps Without Jailbreak for free.

How to Download Any App From AppValley iOS Store

This part is so simple for everyone. You can just install any app of your own choice in a very simple way. Like that of the AppValley installation, download any app from it.

After the download process, you have to trust the app certificate. So for this, navigate to Settings > General > Device Managment and Profiles and trust your downloaded application.

Finally, you can Open it and enjoy it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Another important thing about AppValley you need to know, a drawback. Well, like that of TutuApp and Tweakbox App, after 7 days all the apps will need to repeat the installation process again.

Sadly saying that Apple will revoke the certificate after 7 days. This means you will have to reinstall AppValley as well as your apps again.

I know about the developer of the AppValley and he is such a nice guy. He always supports me and that’s why I am appreciating his efforts too. We hope, in the future, he will find any way to save data of the app, so revoke will no tension anymore.

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