Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 [Electra Jailbreak]

best cydia tweaks for iOS 11

Here is all you need to know about Top and Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak.

Another day, another tutorial for iOS 11 Electra Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. After the release of iOS 11.2 – iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak many developers updated tweaks. Some new developers just started working on Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11. And today we have couple of tweaks available for iOS 11.

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So, here we have a list of top 10 and best Cydia tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbroken devices. All these tweaks are working properly. Also, If you are looking for Jailbroken setup for your device please check the all mentioned tweaks.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 List:

We recommend all these tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbroken iPhone and iPod. In this tutorial, we are not covering any tweak for iPad. Also, keep in mind some tweaks are available free and some them are paid.

1- MitsuhaXI

MitsuhaXI brings the music customization and visualization on your iPhone. It works with all the third party apps. Also, you can use this in your Control Centre, Lockscreen and in the stock music app. This is a free tweak for your device. Check how to install it for free from Cydia.

mitsuhaXi tweak

2- Xen HTML iOS 11:

One of the best customization tweak for Lockscreen is Xen HTML iOS 11. You can use this tweak to add widgets on your Homescreen and Lockscreen using different widgets. You can easily install this tweak for free from this repo. Here is a example screenshot of widget available.

xenhtml repo ios 11

3- Filza File Manager iOS 11

One of the must and most recommended tweak for every Jailbroken device. Filza File Manager lets you access every file and each folder on your phone. This is the best alternative to iFile Manager for iOS 11. You may find this package paid in Cydia.

filza file manager ios 11

4- IGDarkMode iOS 11:

Do you have a Instagram account? Ever wish for Instagram Dark Mode? Check out IGDarkMode tweak for your device. You can easily get the genuine dark mode you ever want on your device. You can find this tweak for free on Packix Repo.


5- BetterCCXI iOS 11:

One of the best and most requested tweak by Jailbreak community is BetterCCXI for iOS 11. Using this tweak you can easily add more options to position the modules in Control Centre of iOS 11.

BetterCCXI tweak ios 11

You can also find this tweak for free on Packix Repo by Electra Jailbreak team.

6- Hyperion Tweak iOS 11:

Hyperion Tweak is one of the best tweak for OLED and Non-OLED Devices. Using this tweak you can have small app icons as notification indicator. This tweak work both for Homescreen and LockScreen. Here is a screenshot.

hyperion tweak ios 11

You can easily install this tweak on your device using Spark’s Beta Repo on your device.

7- FloatyDock iOS 11:

Do you like the new iPad Pro dock? Dont worry you can get the same on your iPhone if you have a Jailbroken device. Using FloatyDock iOS 11 tweak you can get the multitasking apps in your dock so you don’t have to go to multitasking.

floatydock tweak ios 11


You can install this tweak for free on your device. Just Open Cydia and go to Search bar and look for this must tweak.

8- Jumper Tweak iOS 11

Here is a very tremendous and styling tweak for iOS 11 Jailbroken device. Using Jumper tweak for iOS 11 you can get a shortcut to go to the favourite app from lockscreen. You can add upto two apps for a straight opening.

Jumper tweak ios 11

This is a paid package available on Cydia for Electra Jailbroken devices. Must try this tweak and I hope you will like this tweak personally.

9- AudioRecorder 2 (iOS 11)

Now you can easily record all the calls over messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime or any application. Using AudioRecorder 2 for iOS 11 your all ongoing and incoming calls will save on your device. But, this is a paid package and you must have to pay to the developer.

audiorecorder ios 11

10- Pikabu iOS 11:

Pikabu is one of the nice tweak designed for Electra Jailbroken devices. To be honest, Apple Stock Volume HUD is such a crap now. Many thanks to developer who have replaced it with a nice one. It adds a smaller VolumeHud at the left top of your screen.

pikabu tweak ios 11

This is also a free tweak available on Cydia. You will easily find this tweak using the Search bar in Cydia.

That’s all from today about Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11. I have shared almost top 10 tweaks for iOS 11. I hope you will like them. Also, share with us which tweak you like most and why. Share your reviews in the comment box.

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