Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone & iPad

best mp3 downloader for iphone

Check out Top & Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Another day, another list of top stuff for iOS devices. Like previous Best Business Apps for iPhone here we have best MP3 Downloader for iPhone. So that’s mean, you can now play music offline easily.

I know, syncing music on your iPhone through is such a boring task. No more worries because of today, we have 5 best MP3 Downloader for iPhone.

Using these applications, you can fetch music from different sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, GoogleDrive and even from your Dropbox.

However, all these applications support almost all type of music file formats. No matter your app is on mp3, m4r, or etc.

I mean that’s all you want at one place is here. Take a look at them and download them for free.

Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone List:

  1. Unlimited Music MP3 Player: MB3
  2. Musicloud – MP3 and FLAC Music Player for Clouds
  3. My Cloud Music Offline
  4. Trebel Music – Song Downloader
  5. S3 Music – MP3 Player & Playlists & Albums Manager
  6. Vevo – Watch HD Songs
  7. SoundCloud

All these applications are top-ranked in the AppStore and mostly reviewed by iOS users. I have also tried these applications personally. Now it’s your turn to download these apps on your device.

1- Unlimited Music MP3 Player:MB3

Best trending app by MixerBox Inc in the AppStore. Now you can download any song on your device directly from Youtube. Also, you can purchase and get any song for offline mode from iTunes store.

It is available in 12 different countries and it is the Top 25th app in 200+ countries.

Using this application you can manage your playlists, all in one play with unlimited shuffle and more.

Unlimited Music Player: MB3
Unlimited Music Player: MB3
Developer: MixerBox Inc.
Price: Free+

2- Musicloud – MP3 and FLAC Music Player for Clouds

Musicloud by Aurthur Rozzenburg is the most recommended and highly reviewed application for iOS users only.

You can easily enjoy the seamless music from different platforms on your any iOS device. Get access to your playlists from Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, One Drive & Your iTunes PC also.

Musicloud allow background play support. Even you can change the theme or skin of the music player according to your taste and much more.

3- My Cloud Music Offline

To be very honest, My Cloud Music Offline by Dani Musicant is the best application ever. Even if you are not a music lover, this app is always for you. 4 thousand users have reviewed this app as 4.5 stars. So, it is the most trending app ever in the Music and Entertainment category of AppStore.

This app has a very attractive and beautiful music player UI. Like the previous applications, this app also includes the same functions but support more formats.

Due to Copyright issues, this application does not allow you to play purchased iTunes songs.

My Cloud Music Offline
My Cloud Music Offline
Developer: Denis Musicant
Price: Free+

4- Trebel Music – Song Downloader

Are you the one who waste your time in converting Youtube Songs into MP3 mostly? Stop wasting your time now because Trebel Music app lets you download many singers complete playlist for free.

Full featured and Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone with millions of songs. Developers have designed this application with love. It is only one of the application which uses a very little amount of battery percentage on your device.

Trebel Music - Song Downloader
Trebel Music - Song Downloader

5- S3 Music – MP3 Player & Playlists & Albums Manager

At the very last & at 5th, S3 Music application is also the best choice.

Simply search, check, and download the music you like. Also, this app includes trending music application.

Try 3 different modes for your songs & playlists which are, loop, shuffled, & normal one.

No subscrition, No headache, just download this app and feel free.

6- Vevo – Watch HD Music Videos

Everyone is well known with the name of VEVO Music and that’s all for HD Music. This app do not offers offline play mostly but a good application for those who wanna enjoy music in High Defination Quality from the best.

You can easily manage songs & playlists on your iPhone using VEVO. Use the search bar and enjoy HD Songs on your device for free.

Vevo - Watch HD Music Videos
Vevo - Watch HD Music Videos
Developer: VEVO
Price: Free

7- SoundCloud

I am adding SoundCloud at the #7 in the Best MP3 Downloader for iPhone because now it supports offline music. Easily search a music and add the song to your favorite list to listen to it later.

So if you hate SoundCloud, please download it back and give it a try again.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
SoundCloud - Music & Audio

Finally, you have checked all the best mp3 downloader for iPhone. Now, tell us which app you like most and why.

Share a review of your favorite application in the comment box. So, other users can also give a try to that application.

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