BioProtect X iOS 11: Lock Apps With FaceID & TouchID

bioprotect x ios 11 cydia tweak

Here is everything you need to know about BioProtect X iOS 11 Cydia Tweak.

Another day, another tweak for Electra Jailbroken devices. If you are using the Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11 then here is a new update for you. Now you can protect your apps using FaceID on your new iPhone X. However, if you are using an old iPhone with a TouchID you can still protect your apps.

BioProtect X is just a rename of older Cydia Tweak BioProtect. After the launch of iPhone 5s, TouchID was the new formation in mobile devices. So keeping in mind, an iOS developer created BioProtect Cydia Tweak. Using this tweak, we can lock our favorite applications with the TouchID or Passcode.

In 2018, we have iPhone X which includes FaceID. Now, the developer of the tweak has just updated its tweak with the name of BioProtect X iOS 11.

No doubt, it is one of the best Cydia tweak for your iPhone and today we have the update of this tweak for Electra Jailbroken devices.

BioProtect X iOS 11 Tweak Features:

  • Protect your Apps with Passcode, FaceID or TouchID
  • FaceID even needs less
  • TouchID even needs less
  • No more drama

You just have to follow the given steps to install this tweak on your device.

However, I will Update the tutorial when the Electra will have Cydia. Right now, we are going to use SSH for the installation of BioProtect X iOS 11 tweak.

How to Install BioProtect X iOS 11 Tweak Using SSH and PC

Just grab a PC and follow the next given steps and enjoy locking your applications.

  1. At the very first, you need to download Tweak Installer on Windows PC.
  2. Download the BioProtect X iOS 11 deb file on your PC.
  3. Now using a wire cable connect your device to Tweak Installer.
  4. Press the Install deb button and select the downloaded BioProtect X iOS 11 file.
  5. As a result, Wait for few minutes and your device will respring.

After the respring, simply go to Settings > BioProtect Enable/Activate/Purchase your tweak to enjoy all features.

In the future, I will let you know how to install this tweak using the simple Cydia method directly on your device.

Now, if you have any questions, please ask me in the comment box.

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  1. My question is I activated bioprotect with the iPhone X but my phone lock cuz I don’t know the original bioprotect password can you help me find it


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