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iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod

Recently, Filip who is a well-known YouTuber as EveryThingApplePro, just shown a new iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod. Before this, he already made Glowing Apple Logo Mod for iPhone. So, I researched about this new mod and found something useful for you guys.

As, I care about my blog, so sharing the experience with you guys too regarding iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod.

I saw Filip’s Instagram Story when he showed this mod. I was really surprised to see the story and that time I was feeling curious how I mean how he has added this.

Right after one hour, he dropped a complete video guide on his Youtube Channel. Here you can watch the same video.

However, now you may also wanna add this mod on your iPhone too.

That’s pretty much easy but some focus is required to add this iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod. If you have never opened your phone and do not want to take any risk then don’t dare to open it.

At this stage, iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod is available for fewer devices. You can check if your phone is listed below.

iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod Compatible Devices:

Only these iPhone models support this music visualization mod.

  • i6/Plus
  • i6s/6sPlus
  • i7/Plus

We hope, in the future the seller will make a new chip to make iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X compatible with this too.

But, there is something important for you guys. Please do it at your own risk. Any Damage to your device will not make me responsible for all this.

What about Battery timing after adding iPhone Glowing Speaker Mod? That’s a good question.

According to my experience, it will take your phone battery in a little amount. However, some users are complaining.

You can purchase this Mod for $5 at DHGates Official Site.

That’s all for today. Come back to us again for more iPhone Mods and DIY Hacks.

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