ChargeTime Tweak – Time Left for Charging on LockScreen

chargetime cydia tweak

Have you ever think about the estimated time left for charging on your iPhone’s Lock screen? Same like that of Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 and others. For this, there is a new release on Cydia called ChargeTime which shows the time left until full charged. This tweak was requested by a user on Reddit Jailbreak community and this idea was amazing.

Thanks to the dev Sticktron who have created this tweak for iOS 10.x.x Jailbroken devices. You can get this tweak on your device for free. As I have said already the Purpose of this is to add the time left until fully charged to the LockScreen while charging.

The feature of this tweak is when a user tap the big time it will show the battery view for a short period. You can Tap the battery to return to the time view.

This time caclulate the estimated time by following the formula as:

time = (max available current – current) / amperage

Max = amount of charge the battery can hold in its current state. Current = amount of charge in the battery now. Amperage = rate of charge – rate of discharge

Creator of this tweak says that “the values are obtained via IOKit. The amperage reading may be delayed. If so try locking/unlocking again after a few seconds”.

Note: This doesn’t take into account the physical properties of lithium ion batteries, so the readings may not be exact.

chargetime cydia tweak
Example for ChargeTime Tweak

Install ChargeTime Cydia Tweak for Free

In order to install this tweak on your device you must have add a third party repository on your device. Follow the next steps and you will done.

  1. At first, Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Go to Sources Tab and tap the edit button on the top right corner to add a new respository on your device.
  3. Add on your device.
  4. Now look for ChargeTime tweak and Install it for free.
  5. Finally, Respring your device and give it a try.

At the initial stage this tweak is not compatible or working with LockHTML and Lock+ so we cant use this tweak with them yet.

We are hoping for the future updates of this tweak will support LockHTML and Lock+ for better and good Jailbreak experience. One of the user on the reddit Jailbreak has also requested to replace the left charging time with Press Home to Unlock and this will look so amazing.

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