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ControlCenterXI Brings iOS 11 Control Center on iOS 10


Here is all you need to know about all the new ControlCenterXI Tweak for iOS 10.

Another day, another amazing tweak. Yes, today we have a new Cydia Tweak release. ControlCenterXI is a new Tweak on Cydia which brings iOS 11 Control Center interference on iOS 10 Jailbroken devices.

With the release of iOS 11 beta, Apple has added a new customizable Control Center. So this control center is basically redesigned for the 3D-Touch device for easy access to more toggles. So as we know the iOS 11 is in beta stage and do not stable for personal iPhone. This is why today is a new day with the introduction of ControlCenterXI Tweak for iOS 10.

If you have a iOS 10 Jailbroken device you can enjoy the iOS 11 Control Center experience using ControlCenterXI Tweak.

Now you can Update without Updating. Yes, it is true that you can get the biggest iOS 11 Change on your iOS 10 Yalu Jailbroken device.

How to Get iOS 11 Control Center on iOS 10 using ControlCenterXI Tweak

This is a most common question nowadays in the Jailbreak community. If you are one, who is looking for the same research then you are at the very right place.

You can get iOS 11 Control Center on iOS 10 Jailbroken device using ControlCenterXI Tweak.

If you have a 3D Touch on your device you can enjoy it better. However, for the Non-3D-Touch devices, you can long press the toggle for the same functionality.

So this means, ControlCenterXI is the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 10 and you must have to add this tweak on your device whether you have latest iPhone or older than iPhone 6s.

How to Install ControlCenterXI Tweak on iOS 10

Before making a start, please read again my all the above information related to the today tweak. In short, I am telling again that this is a Jailbreak Cydia Tweak and you must have a Jailbroken device to get it.

From here now, if you have a Yalu Jailbroken iOS 10 device you can get this tweak.

You can easily install this Paid Commercial package on your iPhone for $1.50 and it is officially available at Big Boss repo.

ControlCenterXI tweak ios 10

More about ControlCenterXI

Right after installing your tweak, do not forget to configure your device with this tweak. You access preferences for this tweak from the Stock iOS Settings app.

Here is an important information, you may looking for. This tweak also supports Noctis Tweak, LightMode Tweak and also with the FlipControlCenter tweak.

The bad news is that it is not supported with the Horseshoe Cydia Tweak for iOS 10. So, on installing the iOS 11 inspired Control Center Tweak, horseshoe will be automatically remove.

So what are you waiting for? Install this tweak because of it worth installing.

If you have any questions please do ask them in the comments below.

Also, leave a review for this tweak in the comments below. So the public will come to know about the satisfaction.

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