How To Downgrade SnapChat on iPhone [Working 100%]

downgrade snapchat to previous version

Here is how to get the older version of Snapchat on iPhone and Downgrade SnapChat to the previous version. Using this tutorial you will learn the easiest method to downgrade your SnapChat Update 2018.

To be very honest, the new Snapchat Update 2018 is ugly to everyone. Everywhere, the user is hating the new SnapChat redesigned application, so does me.

Here is the first look at SnapChat Update 2018.

snapchat update 2018

The new SnapChat update comes with a new user interface. If we swipe from right to left, we will see the Discover section along with friends stories. That’s really annoying and a hateful update.

Right after the update of SnapChat all over the world, here is the screenshot of Snapchat rating.

downgrade snapchat update 2018You can see the rating is now 2.8, just because of the update. However, the rating was 4.0 a few days ago.

Well, that’s none of our concern today. Let me save your life and I am sure you are looking for the method to downgrade SnapChat to the old version.

How to Downgrade SnapChat to the Previous Version Without Computer on iPhone

Well, this method is working on both iOS and Android devices. So far I know, my friends are using Android android devices and I have shared this method with them. The success rate is almost 100%. I am sure, this trick will help you too.

download previous snapchat version on iphone

Follow the next given steps and you are done within few minutes.

Important: If you have verified your SnapChat account with Email or Added Phone, then proceed. Otherwise, do not proceed at any risk.

  1. At the very first, delete the SnapChat Application from your device.
    downgrade snapchat 2018
  2. Now open AppStore on your device and re-download the SnapChat Application.
  3. Open your downloaded application and hit the login button.
    downgrade snapchat iphone
  4. At this step, fill the username and just click Forgot Your Password button.
    downgrade snapchat 2018
  5. Now choose the method you want to reset your Snapchat account password.

It’s that easy, the next screen after resting your SnapChat Account Password will bring you the previous Snapchat interface.

Moreover, the game is not over. By default, you will see the new Snapchat again. The reason is that your device has enabled auto updates over the wifi. So, you have to disable the download auto updates option on your device.

For me, I am using an iPhone. So I am guiding you with that.

Just Open Settings on your device. Go to iTunes and Updates and disable the automatic downloads updates tab.

disable automatic app updates on iPhone

Right after these settings, you have to manually update your applications. In my case, I open AppStore Every night and update my other applications.

I hope you guys will find this tutorial helpful.

Do you like this method? Share it with your friends and family and let them downgrade SnapChat to the previous version too.

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