Electra Jailbreak Working Tweaks List [Release]

ios 11 electra jailbreak working tweaks list

Here is all you need to know about all the Electra Jailbreak Working Tweaks list.

In my previous article, I explained how to Jailbreak iOS 11 using Electra Jailbreak Toolkit. Now, if you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 11.1.2 or below you can install tweaks manually.

In here, we have a list of iOS 11 Working Tweaks list updated. You can use this list to check whether the tweak is compatible or not. So, if you are going to install any tweak on your device, please check the list first.

However, if you will follow this list, you will see any Springboard crash issue. It’s important for every Jailbroken device to check the tweak compatibility before installation.

Moreover, I have not created this Sheet. But, the iOS Jailbreak community has created this tweak for the public.

For example, the most famous tweak Barrel for iOS 11 is working on Electra Jailbroken devices.

ios 11 electra jailbreak working tweaks list

If you are one who knows about SSH, you can install any of the tweaks from the list on your device.

iOS 11 Electra Jailbreak Working Tweaks List

Here is the direct link to the tweaks list so you can see directly on your device. You will find the Google Spread Sheet with the current status of the tweak.

All those tweaks which have red status are not working. On the other hand, if the status is green for the tweak, it’s working fine and stable. Tweaks which are partially working or take your device into safe mode are with yellow status.

Now, it is up to you how you deal with your Jailbroken device. Install any tweak at your own risk. In the case of damage to your device, I or the spreadsheet creator will responsible for the loss.

That’s all about Electra Jailbreak Working Tweaks. Stay with us for more.

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