FastUnlockX – Automatic iPhone X Unlock [No Swipe]

fastunlockx tweak

Here is everything you need to know about FastUnlockX Tweak for iPhone X.

Another day, another amazing release. CPDigitalDarkRoom has just released a very useful tweak for all iPhone X users. If you are one of the iPhone X users and have an Electra Jailbroken device you can get this tweak.

In my previous article, I already told you guys How to Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 or Below Using Electra IPA. Well, you can still do that if your device meets the requirements.

If you have a Jailbroken device, you can enjoy FastUnlockX tweak exclusively on your iPhone X. All you need is to take your face in the front of your device. This tweak will take you to the home screen if the FaceID is valid. Otherwise, your phone will vibrate normally saying, invalid FaceID.

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After installing this tweak on your device, there is no need to swipe up to enter home screen or else. Moreover, what I think, it is a very wonderful implementation for iPhone X. However, Apple should have to add this feature in the future updates.

How to Install FastUnlockX Tweak for iPhone X

At the initial stage, you have to install this tweak on your device using Electra Jailbreak and SSH. You can download all the files from the developer’s GitHub link. Just download the ZIP file on your PC and extract it.

Right after the extraction, you will find FastUnlockX.dylib & FastUnlockX.plist files in your folder. So now just SSH into your device using the CyberDuck software for root access.

Now navigate to /bootstrap/library/SBInject/ and paste both the files you have extracted on your device.

Now Respring your device using Anemone. Also, you can reboot your device from Settings > General > Shutdown. Turn on your device again and check the changes. Within No Time, you will have the home screen on your device.

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Moreover, when the Cydia Substrate will get the update, you can easily install this tweak for free using the CPDigitalDarkRoom Repo.

There are no Screenshots available for this package.

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