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Now you can replace Frequently used Emojis Tab using FavoriteEmojis tweak for iOS 10.

You can do more on your iPhone with you have a Jailbroken one. No doubt, Apple hates Jailbreak and do not prefer their customers to do it. The reason behind are few disadvantages like hacking, the leak of user’s data and much more. This is not my topic today but in future, you can find a detailed article on Disadvantages of Jailbreak. Keep visiting us for the more detailed articles. But, I always like to Jailbreak my iPhone as it provides me more enjoyment and usability tweak and much.

I don’t know who many of the ratios like to use Jailbroken iPhone but I am sure you are one them who always look for new Cydia tweaks for iOS 10.

So today we are here with another new Cydia Tweak released on 6/27/2017 by Adeem Mawani. He called his tweak FavoriteEmojis which can help you to customize your iPhone Keyboard emojis. It can remove the default Frequently Used emojis section and adds a new tab which includes all of your favorites emoji in one place.

How to Install FavoriteEmojis Tweak for iOS 10

You must have to try this tweak on your Jailbroken device as it is one of the most beneficial tweaks.

If you are interested in this tweak then go to Cydia and Refresh your Cydia Sources first. After refreshing Cydia Sources buy this tweak for $0.99 from the official BigBoss repository.

Moreover, you can install this tweak for free. But please, use the tweak for free for educational or learning purposes only.

Install FavoriteEmojis Tweak Free from Xarold Repo

Some users always ask, can we get a paid tweak for testing purposes before buying? Yes, you can get this tweak for trial purpose. Just follow the next simple easy steps and use it as a trial version.

Note: You are going to add a pirate repo so a free installation is not recommended. Only Proceed at your own risk.

  1. At the first step, Open Cydia on your device.
  2. Navigate to Sources Tab and add the repo.
  3. Enter repo.xarold.com into your Cydia Sources.
  4. Go to Search Tab and look for FavoriteEmojis tweak.
  5. Install it from Xarold Repo free and check it.

How to Use FavoriteEmojis Tweak on iOS 10

Right after installing this tweak on your Jailbroken iOS 10 iPhone customize your keyboard now. You can configure and access this tweak Preference from Settings > FavoriteEmojis easily.

You can Enable/Disable this tweak anytime according to your need. Finally, at the second option, you can add your all favorite 30 emojis there. Create a list of your most favorite emojis and using third option save list, in case if you want to create another list.

Do not forget to Respring your device to apply changes. If you are facing any issue please check again and must respring your iPhone.

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