How to Fix iOS 11 Battery Drainage issue on iPhone

ios 11 battery

Here is how to fix iOS 11 battery issues for your iPhone and iPad.

Apple rolled out iOS 11 Update to the public on 19th September 2017. At the initial, this iOS 11 update includes many bugs and other issues. If you are running iOS 11 on your device, you may familiar with few of them. However, according to the survey, almost many people are facing battery drainage issue after updating to iOS 11.

Do not worry, Apple just released iOS 11.0.1 update with some unspecified improvements. Bugs from iOS 11 release are now fixed in iOS 11.0.1 update. You can check out the update in Settings → General → Software Update. Just download this update and try to make yourself relax.

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Moreover, some people are still facing iOS 11 Battery drainage problem even after the new update. That’s why I am here for those with a very little talk. Just follow the short tutorial and save your day.

How to Fix iOS 11 Battery Drainage issue for iPhone & iPad

Well, this is just a short tutorial. But before going through it, make sure you are going to use iTunes only. Other third parties software are not recommended in this tutorial. Another thing, check out and install the latest version of iTunes on your MAC OS or Windows PC what you gonna use.

  1. At the very first, turn off Find My iPhone on your device, if enabled.
  2. Now connect your device iTunes and head over to Summary tab.
  3. In the 2nd section, you are going to make a complete backup of your device.
  4. Well, that’s good, now you gonna make a clean restore using iTunes. Just make sure that iTunes has completed backup. Click the restore button and wait.
  5. Finally, after the clean flash, restore your old backup. That’s it.

To be honest, sometimes OTA updates suck your device battery. I remember we were having the same problem with the first release of iOS 10.0 for iPhone and iPad.

So what we have concluded from the tutorial is that you need to make a complete backup of your device which you gonna restore after a clean restore with iOS 11.0.1 update.

Updating this article again on 10/26/2017, I would like to introduce another method.

In here, you can also try out the iOS 11.1 Developer Beta 5 for free. To be honest, I have tried this beta on my iPhone 7 and I have found a quiet difference between the public iOS 11.0.3 and Developer Beta 5.

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