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iOS 12 Concept & Features Request [Review]


Here is a NEW iOS 12 Concept & Features you need to know. I have just copied the images but mixing them from other concepts and rumors over the web. Just trying to reject all the concepts. So, it’s just a concept by me and I hope you will like it.

What’s Up iOS Geeks? Today we are going to take a look at the new upcoming iOS 12 by Apple. At the very first, I would like to share the iOS 12 release date which you may interest in. Like previous iOS versions, Apple is going to announce the upcoming iOS version for iPhone X and the older phones in the June 2018 event. WWDC 2018 may occur in the mid of June. According to my point of view, Apple will announce the WWDC almost on the 5th June. I am not sure but stay on my blog and I will let you know the venue and more.

iOS 12 Concept and Features You Need To Know:

Here I am going to share some features which Apple should implement in the iOS 12 before the release. I am sure you are also waiting for these features. Take a look at the images and give me a review about this concept in the comment box.

1- Remove Swipe to Unlock

At the very first, I would like to talk about the LockScreen. Yes, this lock screen needs some improvements for the new iPhone X. However, 2018 upcoming iPhones are also coming with FaceID so they must have to remove the Swipe to Unlock feature from the lock screen.

iOS 12 concept lock screen

This will speed up the device animation and remove the lock screen immediately. To be honest, none of my friend or family member like this FaceID unlocking. Apple should take a look at this. Not just because people demand it, they need to fix it to compete with other flagships. But, I know Apple doesn’t give a fuck what other companies are providing with their flagships.

2- Split Screen View:

A very common feature available in all other Android flagship is still missing from the iOS Family. It’s much pretty if Apple adds Split Screen View to the iOS 12 future release.

ios 12 concept split screen

All the new iPad have this feature available now. But, I hope Apple will introduce the Split View feature for iPhone Family. This can save a lot of time. Even we can learn more by using this feature. Two apps in one screen can let us communicate in a faster way.

3- Group Notifications:

Less scroll, more readable. A year ago, may YouTubers added this feature to iOS 11 concept, but still its missing. So I am adding this feature to my list. Group Notifications can cover a very annoying look over the lock screen.

ios 12 grouped notifications

I have just copied this image from the web and I don’t know the exact source. Just wanna give the credit to the creator of this image. The designer is so much honest with his concept. However, this similarity is showing the demand and concept we want in iOS 12 release.

4- Redesigned Music App:

A very known Cydia Tweak, ColorFlow is also available for iOS 11 Electra Jailbroken devices. The only tweak which makes the Music App so glowing and attractive. Apple should add or implement this feature rather just focusing on Apple Music. To be honest, it’s enough. Apple is only caring about Apple Music and their business only. They should accept some demanding features.

ios 12 concept music app

Don’t you think its stunning? If you wanna know about this feature then please try the tweak I have mentioned at the starting of this feature or concept.

5- Guest Mode:

Well, Apple has already added a Guided access feature. You can access this feature in Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access for learning purposes. This feature is not so much use, but it actually allows users to lock your device at one screen with selective features only.

But, in the iOS 12 Apple must have to add the Guest Mode for every iOS device. SO, it makes easier for everyone to hand over their device to anyone without any fear. I hope Apple will regularly add this feature because they Focus on Security.

ios 12 concept guest mode

Moreover, a lot of concepts are showing a Complete Dark mode for every application. It really looks good at night time. We cant lose our eyes. But, sadly, Apple not gonna add this feature without any reason. They don’t feel great while adding this feature.

That’s all from my side about iOS 12 concept. Now, if you have idea in your mind please share in the comment box or use our Contact Us form and tell me. I will definitely take a look at your design and will update this article.

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