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iPhone SE 2 Concept and Rumours


Here is everything you need to know about iPhone SE 2 release date, design, specifications and more.

Another year, another flagship is ready? Let’s talk about the upcoming iPhone SE 2 because public is searching for this device. What I know about this phone is really informative for those who are waiting for this device anxiously.

In previous year, Apple released iPhone SE because of public demand and still users want a new flagship in the same size. So the rumours are trending all over the web.

Here are some features and specifications from my side.

1- Design and Shape

Alright! We will start from the iPhone SE 2 design and shape.

Because the bezel less design is trending all over the world, I hope Apple is planning to release iPhone SE 2 without bezel. Just imagine the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 flagship with a notch at the top and a bezel less display.

No home-button on the screen makes it more cool. If you have used the iPhone Ten then you are gonna miss some features in this device.

May be a smaller notch is ready to fit in iPhone SE 2 because of smaller screen size and phone size.

2- Face ID

Let’s talk about the FaceID feature added in iPhone X by Apple last year.

In my opinions, Apple is not going to add the FaceID feature in a lost price phone. And now let’s imagine SE 2 without FaceID and a home-button like i said. Haha! It’s such a ugly mess having no TouchID and No FaceID, only passcode. So be ready for the more price than iPhone SE flagship.

3- Processor and Speed

I am damn sure, Apple is going to add the A10 fusion processing chip in iPhone SE 2, made for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 a year ago.

So you will get a better processing experience for next two years and it’s huge.

4- Camera

Obviously Apple will increase the pixels but also, they are going to add depth effect or portrait mode feature in this device.

Yet, its not sure but my opinions are here for those who are reading my articles.

5- Price and Colour

I am sure about iPhone SE 2 in Space-grey and Golden Variant, same like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus flagship.

Moreover, there will be no new colour for this flagship.

It’s just a special edition or may be a limited edition, iPhone SE 2 will cost you almost $450.

That’s all from my side. Now it’s your turn to share your thoughts about this upcoming 2018 Flagship.

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