iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5T – Which One is Best?

iphone x vs oneplus 5t

iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T, Which one you should buy? Everything you need to know is here.

Hey mobile freaks, today we have a complete comparison between the iPhone X & OnePlus 5T. No doubt, both phones are best, by two different companies. But which one you should buy? Check out the complete difference between these two phones and decide by yourself.

iphone x vs oneplus 5t

iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5T – Which One You Should Buy?

Let’s come to the point and check which one is better and why? It is important for you to check the difference between the phones. As you know, you are going to spend many bucks.

iPhone X Vs OnePlus 5T Speed Test:

At the very first, we have a very surprising speed test results. I know, Filip is a die Apple Hard fan, but you will shock to see this video. iPhone X comes with A11 Bionic Chip & OnePlus 5T comes with Snapdragon 835 10nm Processing chip. Moreover, iPhone X have 3GB of RAM installed. On the other hand, OnePlus 5t have 8GB Built-in RAM.

Now, take a look at the video by EveryThingApplePro.

HAHA! Don’t feel so curious right now. What I feel is that apps were not optimized in the first comparison for the new iPhone X running iOS 11 final release.

To make you guys sure about this, check another latest video of same comparison running same applications.

Now tell me which one beats the competitor.

This is not only the end, that’s the beginning. Move out next and let’s talk about the next comparison.

 iPhone X VS OnePlus 5T Camera Test & Comparison

Right here, we have a very interesting and a very important comparison between these two phones again. Check out, which one captures the best and which one is best.

I don’t know the creator of this video but he has shown the Daylight & Night Shots as well. So that’s why I think it is important to add this video here.

Again, iPhone X Camera beat the competitor. So, don’t dare to talk about the OnePlus 5T again.

iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T Battery Test!

One additional device, Note 8 is here as a competitor. But, I am Sad to know the results. I know Apple is making the money only.

Why Should You Not Buy iPhone X?

Let’s come to the second part of our article. In here, we will talk about the price of the iPhone X and OnePlus 5T. Unbox Therapy has published a new video and he is honest always. Check what he discussed in this video and comment below.

Finally, everything is clear now. We have focused, battery test, speed test, camera test and at the end Price.

Summing Up the Article:

No doubt, iPhone X, and OnePlus 5T both are very amazing Smartphones of 2017. But, you can save your $500 by purchasing the OnePlus 5T. Still, if you don’t care about the money and want to buy iPhone X, the choice is yours.


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