Sileo – Cydia Replacement for iOS 11 [First Look]

sileo jailbreak

Here is everything you need to know about Sileo Packages Helper for Jailbroken device.

Today is a bad news for the whole Jailbreak community. Recently, Electra team has announced they are removing Cydia from the Jailbreak. Definitely, they are adding a new package helper to the Electra Jailbreak.

Sileo will be the new Cydia you will see on your device if you are using Electra Jailbreak. Right now, the project is under development but the developers are sure about the release.

If you have a Electra Jailbroken device running on iPhone X and have Cydia then you may have noticed the homepage is no more getting updates. Also, there is a difference between the screen size. Saurik is no more updating the Cydia and it’s totally unfair for Jailbreak community.

A few months ago when Coolstar and Saurik were in a war, Saurik mentioned he will update Cydia but still he is not working on the updates.

Here is a first look at Sileo, a new Cydia. I hope, you will like the upcoming project.

Addition to these updates, I wanna share about the packages you have purchased. Yes, Electra Team will bring your all packages to Sileo. It will have some new repositories.

Sileo Compatible Devices and More

However, this is is for all 64 bit devices running iOS 11. According to the team, they are not going to add support for 32-bit old devices. You will find a complete new look and improvements with Sileo.

It will bundled with the next Electra Jailbreak Toolkit. You will not see Cydia in future.

I am amazed with this change. Also, I haven’t seen any response from Saurik. Let’s see what’s next.

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So are you ready for Sileo Release? Stay with us for updates on Sileo & Cydia difference and more.

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