SwipeUpLockX Tweak – Lock iPhone X Using Gesture

swipeuplockx tweak for iphone x

Here is everything you need to know about SwipeUpLockX Tweak for iPhone X running iOS 11 and Electra Jailbreak.

Another day, another amazing Cydia tweak for iPhone X users. Now you can lock your iPhone X using a gesture only and there is no need to press the lock button from the side. All you need is to install SwipeUpLockX Tweak on your device.

How will you feel locking your iPhone X just swiping up on the home screen bottom? Finally, this is true if you have a Jailbroken iPhone X.

SwipeupLockX is a new tweak by an iOS Developer. This tweak lets you lock the device using the swipe up from bottom screen gesture instead of the lock button. It will lock your device only when there’s no open app on your screen.

However, before the installation steps, please Jailbreak your iPhone X using Electra Jailbreak Toolkit IPA. If you already have a Jailbroken device move to the installation tutorial and enjoy the tweak.

How to Install SwipeUpLockX Tweak on iPhone X?

Yet, there is no Cydia available for Electra Jailbreak and that’s why we are going to install this tweak manually on our device.

  1. At the first, download CyberDuck SSH Tool & SwipeUpLockX files.
  2. Install CyberDuck on your PC and Open it.
  3. Now hit the Open Connection button on your screen.
  4. From the First Upper Menu, Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and in the Server, enter the IP Address of your iPhone Wifi. Set the Port as 22. Now in the Username, enter Root and the password is alpine as default.
  5. At the end, just select from the above bar and then navigate to bootstrap/library/SBinject and now put the SwipeUpLockX downloaded files here and respring your device using anemone.

Please extract the downloaded files on your desktop and you will have to upload these files in the above directory.

  • SwipeUpLockX.dylib
  • SwipeUpLockX.plist

It’s that easy to install a gesture-based lock tweak for your new iPhone X.

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