Download Tongbu Assistant iOS 11 English Version

tongbu assistant ios 11 english version

Now download Tongbu Assistant iOS 11 English Version For Free.

Are you the one who always feel hard to manage your iPhone data? No doubt, iTunes is such a mess for people all over the world. Do not worry, we have the easiest tool to sync music, photos, videos and more using a single tool.

There are a ton of tools available over the web. But, we recommend you to try out the trusted one. So, try out the very trending app Tongbu Assistant for Windows and Mac OS.

Tongbu Assistant is one of best iOS/Android data manager. The Chinese developer has created this tool but we have Tongbu Assistant iOS 11 English version is also available. More, I have listed features below.

Tongbu Assistant now supports iOS 11 running on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, iOS 9, and iOS 10 devices are also working with this tool.

Tongbu Assistant Features & Functions

Likewise 3uTools, Tongbu Assistant also performs the same functions. But the 3utools does not support Mac OS and that’s why we have the 3utools alternative available.

1- Download Apps & Games Free

Using this tool, you can download millions of apps and games for free. Just attach your device whenever you want and download the application you want. Later, sync the downloaded app easily. Also, you can pause or start the downloading app. Such a great tool for your iPhone, iPad  & iPod touch. As I have said, it is also available for Android device.

Also, you can download wallpapers, ringtones, and much more you want.

2- Transfer Data Between Mobile & Computer

Creating apps backup is so easy using Tongbu Assistant for iOS 11. Manage your photos, music, contacts, WeChat backup and much more easily.

You can get your device messages, contacts and everything you need on your PC.

Download Tongbu Assistant iOS 11 English Version

3- Back & Restore Your Apps

Tired of creating the backup of your apps using iTunes? Try this tool and easily backup & restore your apps data for free. Daily, create backup your device using Tongbu Assistant.

However, Chinese users usually look How to Backup WeChat App on iPhone then you have to use this tool. Easily backup WeChat chats on your iPhone.

tongbu assistant iOS 11

Now download the all in one iOS/Android Manager for free.

Download Tongbu Assistant iOS 11 English Version

Finally, download the Tongbu Assistant for iOS 11 devices in English Version For Free. Enjoy the all in one tool on your Windows or Mac OS.

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